The Absolute Divine Law

Divine Law makes a simple business of ethics: “If God says it’s wrong, it is wrong, wholly and absolutely. That’s all she wrote!! There are some difficulties with this thinking though. The first is, how can we be sure what God really thinks? Fundamentalists have answered this question: “Scripture says it, I believe it!” But how did the people in Scripture know that what they heard in their heads was God? Abraham thought he was called by God to sacrifice his son on the altar. He figures, “If God says so, I’d better do it!” My question is, “What are you crazy? You hear ‘God’ tell you do something nuts and you don’t ask for identification?

Another challenge with following Divine Law is interpretation. What exactly qualifies as honoring thy father and mother? A Mother’s Day card? Marrying the boring son of the family dentist, as one’s honorable mother and father want you to do? These questions don’t feel like Talmudic hari-splitting when the dentist’s son is 4’11” and weighs 270lbs.

A prime characteristic of Divine Law is that God always has the last word!

Moses trudges down from Mt. Sinai, tablets in hand, and announces to the assembled multitudes: “I’ve got good news and I’ve got bad news. The good news is I got Him down to ten. The bad news is ‘adultery’ is still in!