“Thrown Under The Bus!”

“Thrown Under the Bus” is “Automotive Slang,” “throw under a bus” — Sales talk for selling someone a car or van with all the extras and options at full sticker price or better.”

It is getting sold a lot of what you really don’t want for a price you never intended to pay!

When I read the two posts by Hanto Jatta and Adelina about the aphorisms that produce indifference, Hanto put it “killer indifferentists” (It is an actual word!) Both of your posts put light on conversations that I could definitely identify sometimes on a daily basis.

I asked myself, “who do I become when these conversations capture me?”

Immediately the word “Cynic” occurred to me. So, I looked up the word “Cynic” to see if the definition matched my experience when I show up in a “killer indifferentist” strategy!

American Heritage Dictionary – Cynic:

#1 A person who believes all people are motivated by selfishness.

#2 A person whose outlook is scornfully and often habitually negative.

Definition #2 appears to me as the state of being that results from definition #1.

My Cynical logic assumes that if all people are motivated by selfishness then they will always choose selfishly. Given this assumption I understand the scornful attitude habitual negativity that would naturally result from a conversation of this nature.

Being “habitually negative” means that I basically don’t ever believe anything can turn out at all. The natrual conclusion from there is “so why bother ever trying to contribute to something working for somebody esle?” (Indifference)

So, when I meet somebody who not only believes thingd can work out, but willing to believe with me (Community). I naturally find myself suspecting them and feeling threatened by the potential betrayal! Cynical wisdom assumes there is no winning in life so the most we can do is play not to lose, to protect myself from that “eventual” reality and push people away or withdraw somehow. Because people will and are choosing selfishly. Better to betray them before they betray me. I never have to be disappointed again.

Cynicism seems to be the experience of complete despair and isolation resulting from being certain that the future is determined by the past! Consequently, suspicion causes me to anticipate evil with little to no evidence thinking I am protecting myself from, my family and my community when actually I am buying more and more of what I don’t want for a price I never intended to pay! I am getting “thrown under the bus” in life!