Which Will It Be: Faithing Jesus or Believing Christianity?

In recent times the words “belief” and “faith” have come to be synonymous. But they really are two different words and in my experience they show up as two very distinct expressions.

Believing in modern times has become asserting, if followers of a cult or mass movement mentally assent to certain doctrines, practice, certain rituals or use certain language they will be personally vindicated from all guilt, their frustrations from injustice relieved and that their future will turn out. At its core believing seeks certitude through reason or understanding.

Faithing is a way of being true that transcends the reason’s need to understand or be right about its self, God or the world around it. Faith is “subjectivity.” Which is distinct from the subjectivism of believing that something is true because one says it is. The subjectivity of faithing anything is a state of confidence, which affects one’s way of being with others, especially when one doesn’t know exactly what to believe! It is the kind of subjective discipline that causes one to think abstractly by engaging in the inward practice of discovering the truth for one’s self.

Which is distinct from believing tradition, orthodoxy or expertise.

Faith moves in the opposite direction as belief. Faith imagines the truth, while believing seeks the objective evidence to ratify tradition and calls that The Truth!

Subjectivity concludes in faith–an inexhaustible passion that is both rationally uncertain and paradoxical. Faith calls for risk, which objective certainty detests. But this is the distinctive mark of faithing Jesus. Faithing Jesus means to wager everything on the journey of becoming true or making the truth one’s own; it therefore, requires a leap! It is not a matter of believing something there is no evidence for, but a leap, like committing oneself. “The leap” is a decision to commit one’s being totally to a God whose existence is rationally uncertain and whose redemption is utterly an offense to self-preservation!

According to Soren Kierkegaard, all proofs for the existence of God are futile. To try and prove God’s existence by means of a purely neutral, objective reason is completely backwards because it subordinates the eternal to the temporal. Apologetics is to believing as commitment is to faithing because commitment subordinates the temporal to the eternal. “Here am I Lord, send me!” God is known by way of passionate, undivided commitment. He is, an individual. He is, involved!

Faithing Jesus has nothing to do with believing doctrine and orthodoxy. This is precisely how Christianity has substituted understanding for relationship. Faithing Jesus is a life lived with and for others. “Proofs” are not only unconvincing, but irrelevant. God is spirit and therefore can only be known by spirit, in a spiritual, subjective, inward way. Christ isn’t a movement He is a relationship!

Believing is rooted in the reasons one uses to reduce the risk that life is! One knows of Jesus, but doesn’t live with Him.

Faithing is the how of one’s existence; it is decisive. Faith is revealed through commitment and commitment is the will transcending reason’s dominance!

Faithing or Believing, which will it be?