Suicide Dressed Up As Self-Sacrifice?

“Unity and self-sacrifice, of themselves, even when fostered by the most noble means, produce a facility for hating. Even when men league themselves mightily together to promote tolerance and peace on earth, they are likely to be violently intolerant toward those not of a like mind.” – Eric Hoffer

Love your neighbor as yourself…certainly could require the sacrifice of oneself for thy neighbor, but only if the self is of value! Otherwise it would not be a sacrifice but a suicide. When self-sacrifice is suicide, dying to oneself would be using another to escape. How many movements are bound together in the frustration of self-loathing?

In this context the moment is unsalvageable and all individuals are truly unlovable because they are selves like the one that is unworthy of love. My only “hope” would be a future where this self would not exist, a future worth having because I would find a self that is definitely something more, something better or at the very least something different than this self that must die to achieve holiness, oneness, life hereafter.

“Love your neighbor as yourself?” is he stating a command or distinguishing a reality? Am I commanded to love my neighbor so that I can achieve some desired state? or, does he mean that I actually do love my neighbor as myself? Could it be that loving my neighbor isn’t something to make into a movement; an instrument to accomplish something, the basis for a religion, church or even community, but an end in and of itself?