Sarah Palin, The Sky Is Falling! The Sky Is Falling!

What is all the drama about Sarah Palin? I have never seen anything quite like it.  The irony of it all. We have three candidates, Barak Obama, John McCain and Joe Biden who are all part of the 500 or so people who have collectively managed this country into the situation we find ourselves in today and yet each of them is touting change. Isn’t that a bit ironic?

Then along comes Sarah Palin. A small time politician from Alaska of all places. Ironically, a state that has the same meger number of delgates as Delaware, where Mr. Biden is the incumbent Senior Senator. A woman who has a very limited career in politics and some family issues that Lindsay Lohan and Puff Daddy have some moral opinions about, can you imagine that? Of all people. Now that is change as well as irony.

So why did John McCain choose her? I think she has already accomplished her job. She has drawn more attention and already caused more change in the Republican party and in the Presidential Campaign as well as in the focus of the press than any single candidate involved. Today I couldn’t believe how many magazines had her face on their front cover, from Time to US I counted at least four major publications. If people didn’t know who she was during the convention they do now, that is for sure.

The Dems now tell us that the sky is falling, that she is not experienced enough, lacks the character and judgment to be Vice President and is somebody who would surely be over their head if elected.  After all, “her daughter is pregnant out of wedlock,” “she obviously chooses her career over her children” and “her lack of experience!”  This coming from the party that brought us Ted Kennedy and Chapaquitic, Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky, and now Barak Obama whose greatest accomplishment is that he possesses the most liberal voting record in congress. Not that the Republicans are any better, Richard Nixon and Watergate, Regan’s Iran Contra Sacandal and George W’s spending like a druken sailor.

My point is that if change is what we are looking for, we are getting it. This woman is obviously not part of the establishment because they really didn’t know anything about her when she burst upon the scene. And for that reason I like her. She cetainly has ruffled some feathers in her her home state of Alaska and she appears to be continuing to do the same in this election process. At the very least she has changed a boring, stogy process into a very interesting journey. I can’t wait for the debates just to see what surprises will emerge and I bet I am not the only one! So another change we can chalk up to her and John McCain is that more people will probably watch the debates this year than ever before! And she is only the candidate for Vice President. Remember in 2000 how excited you were to see the “historic debates” between Joe Lieberman and Dick Chaney and then again in 2004 with Dick Chaney and John Edwards? More irony!

Honestly, I doubt that anything will change significantly because of the entrenched special and corporate interest that seem to run this country.  I know that sounds cynical, but in my opinion it will take some catastrophic event for true change to come about. However, when I see the old guard get worked up like they are now, I do feel the possibility that somebody could get elected that isn’t as entrenched in the good ole boy network to actually take advantage of a possibility for change should a catastrophic event occurred while they were on watch. I would love to be wrong about that, it just seems that history plays out.

W. H. Auden put it this way: “We would rather be ruined than changed; we would rather die in our dread than climb the cross of the moment and let our illusions die.”