In The Wake of Climategate

Ferns won’t grow in a desert no matter how much you water them. Why? because the environmental conditions make it impossible to grow. The environment determines what can and won’t grow in it.

So, what environment is it that empowers climatologist Phil Jones at the University of East Anglia notable for maintaining the time series of the instrumental temperature record to tell his staff to delete emails to suppress data about climate change?

Jones; has been accused by skeptics of man-made climate change of manipulating data to support his research. In particular, many have pointed to a leaked e-mail in which Jones writes in the tone of a child predator caught by Chris Hansen on Dateline NBC assuring us that he had used a “trick” to “hide the decline” in a chart detailing recent global temperatures. Jones has denied manipulating evidence and insisted his comment had been misunderstood, explaining that he’d used the word trick “as in a clever thing to do.”

Isn’t a trick a manipulation? If it was harmless, then why destroy email evidence? Why resign his position?

Is what we are witnessing a climate of Truth, Integrity and Honor? A climate that would produce trustworthy scientific findings we could base our future on? Is it a legacy we want to leave our children? Is it an environment you want President Obama and Barbara Boxer chair of the environmental committee to rely on as they negotiate the future of our country in the global community? And is Al Gore aware of this politically polluted statistical environment?

If you viewed the first link to Date Line NBC you can witness how child predators pose as wise counsel, loving companions, gentle, friendly caring people who have come to steal the innocence of a child for their own selfish perverted purposes using inviting lies to lure their prey. You will see them feign confusion and employ multiple strategies to minimize, distract and obfuscate attention to the heinous nature of their crime.

Child predator, Political / Economic Fraud are two different species of plants that deploy defense mechanisms common to both species while they both depend on the same climate to grow.

As a citizen how can we change the environment we are individually to have something of a completely different nature grow?