Tiger Not Out of the Woods

When I first heard of Tiger’s troubles I just ignored the stories. I mean, so what? Tiger Woods got into a wreck, the rest of us are trying to prevent our houses from being foreclosed on or prevent our cars from being repossessed. But the turn of events seem to be a welcomed distraction for people.


Perhaps it really isn’t about Tiger Woods as much as it is about human nature. How many times have you found yourself lying and with each lie your troubles increase. Reading the progression of Tiger’s debacle reminds me of one of those fairy tales told to pass wisdom on to the next generation.


Pinocchio’s nose grows with a lie, while Tiger Wood’s woes grow with his.


First it was rumors of affairs




Rumors about terrible injuries caused by the wreck came to be the result of his wife Elin Nordegren Woods frustrated attack on her husband due to his infidelities. Tiger Woods, the epitome of focus was so distracted by the attack that he ran his car right into a fire hydrant and crashed into a neighbor’s tree.  And, today two weeks later the transformation from rumor to fact is complete with one reporter calling it “Mistressgate.”




The more our hero attempts to cover up the truth the greater his exposure. The more he resists the more his condition persists. My grandfather used to say, “the knots come through the comb.”


What causes somebody to pick up a golf club and beat their spouse? That is a pretty big knot! Maybe lying has a cumulative affect that is much greater than our nose growing.


My sense is that unless Tiger comes clean he won’t be out of the Woods for sometime and we will have plenty to distract us from our own knots.