McGwire & The Beast

“Journalists are animal-keepers who provide something for the public to talk about. In ancient days people were cast to the wild animals. Now the public devours the people – those taste- fully prepared by the journalists.”

Soren Kierkegaard

All of us are victimized at one time or another in our lives. Victimization occurs when something unplanned or unforeseen happens to you. Being a victim is when you put the responsibility of your choices on what happened to you. So, it might sound like this, “Your honor, I killed that person because they abused me. I had no other choice.”

So, when Mark McGwire says that he wanted to admit the truth before Congress five years ago but was told by council there were too many dangers in doing so. He said that being hurt made him desperate to find a way to get healthy. He is definitely being a victim, which starts the table of entitlements in motion. It is a symbiotic potluck. Some bring the sympathy and others the shame.

Most revealing though is the dynamic of the crowd. Like a beast following its keeper it can now talk (gossip) about Mr. McGwire after cajoling him to come clean with valiant assurances that it would be best for him and his family. Yes, the beast and its keepers have what they need, something meaningless to talk about. And why? Maybe so we can be distracted from our own sense of anxiety and despair about life. Now that is news!!! One of the Privileged has fallen.Don’t you feel better?