Atheism: A Religious Assault on Religion

I have been watching the Youtube presentations by Atheists ranting and raving about how evil religion is. I have literally watched hundreds of videos and one of their main tenets is : “Christian nations promote imperialism, violence and oppression as was demonstrated by the Inquisitions, Witch Burnings of Salem and The African Slave Trade. They have pointed to other tragic events conducted in the name of religion such as the Japanese Empire rooted in Buddhism and Shintoism, Islam and today’s terrorist organizations, as well as the Israeli injustices against the Palestinians, etc. saying that these are evidence that religion aggravates human differences until erupt in war, violence or oppression.”

At first glance their premise seems quite compelling. This would mean that any religion would catalyze the behaviors they have cited in their dogmatic diatribes.

The Communist societies that were founded in Russia, China, and Cambodia rejected all organized religion and belief in any god. These were, as our Atheist friends would say, rational and secular societies and each one of them produced massive violence of an unprecedented order. Marxism makes the State a god, science makes Knowledge a god, Nazis’ made race a god.

Alister McGrath indicates that when a society abandons an idea of God it will “transcendentalize” some other concept in order to appear morally and spiritually superior. So, when I hear an Atheist call me stupid, moronic, imbecilic and retarded for my faith all I can say is, “Well, isn’t that special!”