Beyond Answers – Transformance

“Creation is a better means of self-expression than possession; it is through creating, not possessing, that life is revealed.”

Vida D. Scudder

Transformation is what occurs when people alter the way the world appears to them by making specific decisions to tap into the power of interpretation. So, why is it that producing transformations in how teams, organizations and families work together is so elusive despite well intentioned, very smart people? I believe the number one challenge is that our culture is entrained to listen for simple answers, sound bites, steps, tips and techniques to very complex challenges. We want answers to questions that demand more than what can be achieved through a sound byte or even an audio book.

Our current financial crisis is a perfect example. We want an answer and we want it now. We pass stimulus packages that don’t get read until after they become law and then wonder why things just don’t transform, no matter who we find to blame or how long or hard we keep our fingers crossed. We are steeped in the expectation the if we do a class, listen to a tape, read a book we will then be able to put it down and because we have been exposed to some interesting intellectual content turn around and implement it into our lives as if we had mastered it.

Allow me to exaggerate the point to make it as clear as I can. Imagine a group of first year brain surgeons learning about how the nervous system impacts the functioning of the body’s organs. And then they ask, “how can we start using this knowledge with our patients tomorrow?”

Any discipline requires rigor in practice to become second nature or “get it in our body.” Especially things like neurosurgery and transforming teams, family or organizations. whether it is transforming how you treat your spouse or what it takes to have your sales team generate breakthrough levels of revenue.

The work of transforming the way we live our lives is about accomplishing levels of performance in your life and business that, when considered by others appear to be impossible! I call this transformance! Transformance is a level passionate disciplined expression that transcends mere competence; it is mastery or a place of free expression marked by a distinct level of focus and self-abandonment which produces unprecedented impact, in other words it seemed impossible until the master accomplishes it.

If you have ever watched a Grand Master at Chess play 50 games at once you know what I am saying. Their ability to see the board and identify the winning moves along the way seems impossible or even miraculous, especially when the demonstration is over and he or she has won all 50 games. During the process a Master enjoys a sense of prowess that transcends competent expression.

When a master shows up, people’s stop and pay attention because they recognize something unprecedented could occur! Tiger Woods, Michael Jordon and Bobby Fisher have all done what appears to be impossible and yet they are not surprised by the transformance! They do not come to the event to find the “answer” to breaking a record, for them it is self-expression! How often do we get out of bed fully intending to express ourselves in unprecedented ways? Do we have anybody or anything that means enough to us to live this way?