Getting Out Of My Own Way

What does it mean to get out of my own way? It means I would need to stop prostituting my future (fulfillment) for the short term gain of getting my immediate needs met (Happiness). Getting out of my way means to subordinate my immediate gratification for the long-term benefits of what matters to me with another person or group of people. For instance, I will say I am committed to having an open, authentic and loving relationship with my wife. When I find myself in a conversation with Aileen and she is communicating to me what I do that causes her to with draw from me. Without exploring what I do or don’t do that would contribute to her with drawing, I immediately begin to explain to her: •    How she doesn’t understand what I meant, •    How she isn’t seeing what is going on •    What was going on with me •    How she misunderstood what I said •    If she really listened she would hear how much she means to me I get in my own way, when I trade the inheritance of a fulfilling life with my wife for the short-term happiness of being right about what I meant, feeling like I am in control, being justified looking good.