Multiculturalism = Persecution

Multiculturalism is becoming vogue in America’s universities and public life. What is it? Multiculturalism is the basis of political correctness; it is a relativistic view that all cultures, from that of Radical Islam to that of an advanced industrial civilization, are equal in value.

Are cultures equal in value? Not if the well being of each individual human life is your standard of value. Multiculturalism seeks to obliterate the value of a free, industrialized civilization, by declaring that such a civilization is no better than the primitive tribalism of Nations ruled by radical Islam. More deeply, it seeks to incapacitate a mind’s ability to distinguish good from evil, that which is life promoting from that which is life negating.

I say the question of this century is: Is moral judgment essential to life?

What happens if the ideas and values that animate a particular culture are not judged by their objective results? Is a culture that values freedom, reason, the rule of law and science, for instance, no better than one that values oppression, stagnation, mysticism, and ignorance? If they are the same then oppression is nothing more than a cultural prerogative to be tolerated, much like it is in Europe, where women are persecuted many kinds of ways often resulting in Honor Killings. These murders are swept under the rug, covered by the press through ambiguous headlines or held in confidence in the midst of a community governed by Sharia Law all in the name of Multiculturalism!