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I have worked as a “transformationalist” (opening possibility where people think there is none) for close to 30 years. This Blog is about expressing the art and since of transformation as it applies to the many areas of life we daily engage.

I work in the public service sector (NGO’s), with leaders from faith communities as well as with leaders from Fortune 500 companies in the areas of culture development through leadership, conflict resolution, management training, negotiation / sales and service training. The vernacular of transformation is widely used and I believe profoundly misunderstood.

Writing books on the subject of transformation is a favorite activity of mine. If you click the “Us” page you can download a sample of my latest book on marriage entitled US – A User’s Guide or you can check out Books by Daniel L. Tocchini

My clients have included, World Vision, The Ontario Police Academy (Canada), Morgan Stanley, ESPN, Disney, Seagate, Tokyo Electron America and Microsoft as well as hundreds of smaller companies.

Along with my wife Aileen, we established the Association For Christian Character Development (ACCD), Global Life Works (GLW) and Culture ROI (CROI). All of these organizations are dedicated to the work of transformation in different markets. For the past 15 years ACCD has been focused on Christian Character Development and has trained over 30,000 individuals around the world, For the past 5 years GLW has educated hundreds of thousands of people in the area of HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis and Water Born Diseases in third world countries and for the past 6 years CROI has served thousands of executive leaders in the world of business. I enjoy the privilege of serving on the boards of LesConcierges (Market leader in Luxury Concierges Services) as well as serving on the board of Abandoned Children’s Fund (Charity dedicated to community development services from Education to Agricultural Development in Third World Countries.) In the past 10 years I have written 4 books on the subject of transformation. Two are published and two are being reviewed by publishers. To view blogs please look under Categories and click “Conversations That Transform.” Thank you for joining the conversation!! To contact me please write: